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April 4, 2018

How to update a series of rows of a table in mysql with php

March 29, 2018

read all txt files in a directory php

A simple PHP solution to displaying a list of files in a certain directory. … So if you want to pull out only .txt files, you just need to replace the .jpg with .txt. If you want to list ALL files, just remove the … Say you have your images located elsewhere, or just want […]
November 13, 2017

How To Move Unity Launcher To The Bottom In Ubuntu 16.04

Until Ubuntu 15.10, it was impossible to change the position of Unity Launcher. Not anymore. This is a feature that has been long requested by Ubuntu users who preferred to use Unity, including me. Ever since Unity was first introduced in Ubuntu 11.04, the launcher position was fixed to the left side […]
November 11, 2017

Install PHP Composer on Ubuntu 16.04

Introduction PHP Composer is a package management system for PHP which prevents users from having to “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to commonly-used website components like user authentication or database management. Composer is modeled on other popular package management systems like Ruby’s Bundler. Note: For any 1&1 Cloud Server with Plesk, […]
May 10, 2017

Find how many Friday in a month in php ?

This function will return the number of days in the month of year for the specified ….. count specific days in a month like how many desire day in  this month or how …
May 4, 2017

How To Install LAMP Stack On Ubuntu 16.04

LAMP is the combination of operating system and open-source software stack. The elaboration of LAMP is L-Linux, A-Apache HTTP Server, M-MySQL or MriaDB database and P-PHP/Perl/Python. The main advantages of LAMP stack is that it’s a package of powerful application for web development and all applications are open source and […]
April 22, 2017

Valitron: Easy Validation

Valitron : Valitron is a simple, minimal and elegant stand-alone validation library with NO dependencies. Valitron uses simple, straightforward validation methods with a focus on readable and concise syntax. Valitron is the simple and pragmatic validation library you’ve been looking for. Valitron was created out of frustration with other validation […]
April 22, 2017

Remove Default Search Box and Add Custom Box in DataTable

DataTable displaying a default search box while initializing it. So by default DataTable has a search box. But sometimes you might have to remove that default search box and add a custom search box. And place that somewhere in the page. This article will help you to do that. [crayon-600a42b2b9495098634007/] […]
April 21, 2017

how to edit data with bootstrap modal in php?